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Lumè table lamp was born as a study prototype of the LUME ‘floor lamp. A unique small table lamp, Lumè (the small) is one of our newest pieces. 

A play of lines and overlapping volumes of matter that integrate bands of warm light distorted by patches of shadows capable of infusing harmony through a mix of chiaroscuro.

For the construction, materials such as 1.5 mm thick aluminum are used, which after a cleaning and preparation phase using abrasive brushes of different grain is assembled and prepared for painting.

Painting requires several steps to give the piece a matte finish with sandblasted textures.

The diffuser is made of white stiplex and is cut to size for each single piece while the cork is placed on the bottom of the base and isolates the piece from the support. Dimmable with remote control and driver that works at both 110V and 220V.

The finish is matt sandblasted: red – yellow – blue – black-green.

Each single piece of handmade light lamp is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity which shows the serial number, the date of production and the characteristics of the product.

All CristofaroLuce products are strictly handmade.

The small imperfections make them unique products with a high artistic value.

Each product is made with CE certified materials.

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357 x 125 x 50 mm





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