Design concept

As an Italian designer, Tommaso also places a great emphasis on aesthetics. His designs are characterized by their clean lines, minimalism, and elegance.

Gica Contra Floor Lamp

Gica, also known as Gica Contra that is the counterpart of Bastian Contrario, is a design lamp dedicated to my son, Riccardo. While growing, like all children Riccardo have been in contrast with his parent’s opinions. A story that everyone is sharing has given me the inspiration to design Gica.

The starting point of the lamp is a simple sign of the exclamation (!) that followed one of the many NO’s exclaimed by my son. At the base, the circle marks the junction between surfaces.

From the thin line of matter, a triangle of light is projected on the surfaces and the environment is colored in a golden yellow light that infuses a warm sensation.

The line and the point, in their simplicity, give life to a sculpture that capable of spreading emotion and visual pleasure, ie beauty!

Carolina Table Lamp

On a sweltering hot day in July in Calabria at my parents’ house in Calabria, I was looking at some photos of my daughter Carolina while she slept by my side in a curled up position in her wicker basket.
I alternated the photos with ultrasound images of her gestation following a progressive succession, admiring the extraordinary development that the foetus makes over nine months until it is fully formed.

I was present at every check-up and experienced live the emotion of the first stage at 17 weeks in the annunciation of gender.

I was amazed at the spectacle that was there before my eyes, deep in sleep; a wonderful creature, my daughter!
During this time I was scribbling with my pen on a supermarket advertising flyer with random curves, suddenly the groan of Carolina’s awakening interrupted my state of enchantment.

I felt something forming but I still didn’t understand what, towards evening I smoked my Toscano on the balcony and played with the same flyer that a few hours earlier was under the pressure of my pen.
Suddenly reviewing the scribbles I saw what had in fact been created, Carolina Table lamp, looking at the ultrasound images I reproduced the same shapes in my own way.

The overlapping of the two layers that compose it through the intersection of curved lines recall the stages of conception of foetal growth and birth through a purely stylistic interpretation.

As soon as I returned to Romania, I made the first prototype of Carolina and brought it home.

This lamp is dedicated to you my wonderful creature!

Cornice Floor Lamp

The story behind Cornice is driven by my obsession to find the right proportion. Starting from a common shape, I played with geometry to create a stunning visual effect.

One of the attributes that makes Cornice a piece of art is its ability to transform the space it occupies. The minimalist design and sharp edges create a sense of symmetry that is visually pleasing to the eye. When the lamp is turned on, the stiplex material allows the light to diffuse, creating an ethereal glow that adds depth and dimension to the space.

My everyday ambition is to shape common into extraordinary. The use of light and shadow creates a serene and contemplative atmosphere that draws the viewer in and evokes emotions. Mini Cornice came out as a smaller version of Cornice.

I designed Cornice to complement almost any type of interior.

Achille Table Lamp

What sets the Achille Table Lamp apart is the shape. The inspiration for this piece came from a momentous event in my life, where I engaged in a long debate with my wife about important ideas and values. The debate lasted for months in my atelier while we spent time together after pandemy. Through this process, both of us changed the angle of looking at certain aspects of life. The intersection of these ideas is reflected in the design of the Achille Table Lamp.

This piece is more than just a functional light source; it invites contemplation and reflection. Like all my pieces, I designed it to fit into many interiors.