Gica Contra

As an Italian designer, Tommaso also places a great emphasis on aesthetics. His designs are characterized by their clean lines, minimalism, and elegance.

Gica, also known as Gica Contra that is the counterpart of Bastian Contrario, is a design lamp dedicated to my son, Riccardo. While growing, like all children Riccardo have been in contrast with his parent’s opinions. A story that everyone is sharing has given me the inspiration to design Gica.
The starting point of the lamp is a simple sign of the exclamation (!) that followed one of the many NO’s exclaimed by my son. At the base, the circle marks the junction between surfaces.
From the thin line of matter, a triangle of light is projected on the surfaces and the environment is colored in a golden yellow light that infuses a warm sensation.
The line and the point, in their simplicity, give life to a sculpture that capable of spreading emotion and visual pleasure, ie beauty!